Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Fan film update

We are pleased to say that the filming at Armadacon 26 went very well. We managed to get just about everything that we really wanted to get and managed to do it to the schedule too. We would like to thank everybody who participated and special thanks go to the hotel too, all made our job easier. We were very pleasantly surprised by the amount of acting talent there is amongst the attendees, many of the shots were done in one take and I don't think we went to more than four. We certainly gave the hotel something to talk about by ordering a jug of water and six glasses to be delivered to the Gents Toilets, apparently one of the more unusual requests they have every had. We still have quite a lot of filming to do, but it is all stuff that we didn't need to do at the convention, this will all be done over the coming months.

Thanks again to everyone, you are all stars.

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