Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Busy start to the new year

Apologies for not having updated the blog for a while, but thankfully we have been busy here at Planet VFX. The film project we have been working on periodically over the past couple of years is coming to an end. There is just the final finishing off and tidying up to do now so it should be in front of audiences soon. We hope to be able to give more details about it and our work on it soon. Sorry I can't say more now, but we take confidentiality very seriously here and won't give out details before we are allowed to.

We have a few other smaller projects in the pipeline, along with continued work on the Armadacon Fan Film. The later should have done principle filming at the 25th Armadacon last November, but sadly this had to be put back to this year's convention due to issues beyond our control. Following all the animation development work done over Christmas and New Year for other projects, we will shortly be preparing for filming later this year.

Fan Film Announcement

Due to the reasons below, we have not been able to finish the fan film by November this year. There is not just one reason for this failur...