Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Armadacon 25

Well, another Armadacon has been and gone and in spite of recent events we were able to attend Armadacon 25 this year. Several people made this happen and we would like to thank them all. We were also able to show a teaser trailer for the fan film, the last few scenes of which were filmed on Sunday morning in a quiet room at the convention. Many thanks to Chris and Jenny who were great as usual and made the filming go very smoothly, this gave Alan enough time (just!) to put the trailer together and encode it so it could be shown at the closing ceremony. When he was seen, Alan was beavering away on his laptop just so we were able to achieve this. Hopefully, the trailer will be up on YouTube soon. We also took loads of photographs of the venue, and loads of measurements, so we can do the pre-viz accurately. Filming of the film proper will take place next year so we are now a year behind. However, this will enable us to produce an even better film so may be a benefit in the long run.

Armadacon 25 was great fun as always. The guests were great and entertained us very well. Sadly, Neill Gorton couldn't join us due to work pressures, but we hope he will be there another time. Mitch Benn did a wonderful performance of songs after the Convention Dinner, although I'm not sure it was wise to laugh so much at that stage of the evening. We are looking forward to next year now, although just how much of the proceedings we will see will depend on how well the filming goes.

If you want a gentle(!) introduction to Science Fiction conventions then I can recommend Armadacon. It is small and friendly and you will be welcomed. Come and join us next year.

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